SCOPE Art Show Partners with Berlin's URBAN NATION Museum

Celebrating its 18th year, SCOPE Art Show deepens its ties with the Street Art and New Contemporary genres, partnering with Berlin’s acclaimed URBAN NATION Museum for Urban Contemporary Art.

With its longtime focus on Street Art, SCOPE is known as the foremost incubator of this genre and consistently lends its support to emerging artists in the field. Understanding the pivotal role that public space plays in a local community, SCOPE provides a global platform to these artists who are driving the cultural conversation.

URBAN NATION Museum for Urban Contemporary Art is an international institution for art, creative projects and social exchange, operating under the leitmotif: “Connect. Create. Care.” With the goal of connecting communities and artists across borders, URBAN NATION will integrate with SCOPE Basel 2018 and SCOPE Miami Beach 2018 to present immersive projects and host a curated program of artist talks, panel discussions, screenings and performances.

Together, SCOPE Art Show x URBAN NATION look to expand the influence of New Contemporary and Street Art, to be considered not only for its aesthetics, but for its critical contribution to both global politics and local community engagement.