Freight System (Freight Train Graffiti)

Sehr Sehr
Nov 10, 2014 2:30PM

For us, it was our goal to put something together that presented as non-biased of a perspective as possible. Truth be told, this is impossible. With any graffiti writer they are giving you their slant on the topic. It's in the nature of all graffiti writers to "rep" themselves and their crews. It's part of what makes graffiti so great, the loyalty and camaraderie. The challenge became to talk to as many freight writers as possible, from the first writers to hit freights to the most prominent and innovative pioneers of the art form. This was a nightmare. Hours and hours of tracking people down, phone call after phone call, email after email to find people that for all intents and purposes don't want to be found. Persistence pays off and eventually we had spoken with enough heavyweights that others really started to come around and were amazingly candid with their interviews and thoughts. It's really their lack of fear and willingness to share their stories that make "FREIGHT TRAIN GRAFFITI," the amazing project that it is.

Sehr Sehr
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