(Artist) Lunchtime Poll: Julian Hoeber

Shamim M. Momin
Feb 27, 2013 6:57PM

This week I was excited to poll an artist that LAND will be working with for the first time: Julian Hoeber who is based here in Los Angeles.   Julian will participate in a group show upcoming this summer in LA – more to come on that very soon (stay tuned!) but for now do check out his new video featured on MOCAtv, Where is the Money?, which he both wrote and directed. 

 Here is our poll:

1.) What is your best time of day – not favorite, but best, and why?

JH: Around 4:30pm.  I've digested lunch enough to not be sleepy, I've finished any paperwork/email bullshit I need to do and the other people in the studio are in a quiet groove. I have no excuses left to not be productive. I finally get things done in the late afternoon.

2.) When I run, or dance, or whatever physical activity, I often invent imaginary scenarios about things I would/could never do (i.e. beat up the guy harassing me on the street, save the city from a plane-jacking, leap tall buildings in single bound...). Do you have non-implemented dreams like this? If so, what’s the one you'll admit?

JH: I think you're asking for something between the banal fantasies of fame as an athlete or movie star, and the dirtier non-implemented dreams of all adults who have to behave like, well, adults.  I daydream about being able to live alone in the woods, far away from the city and have no social obligations yet still maintain a large and loving circle of friends that I see all the time. And that I'm five inches taller.

3.) What invention do you wish you'd invented?

JH: The close-up.

Shamim M. Momin