(Artist) Lunchtime Poll: Liz Craft

Shamim M. Momin
Apr 13, 2013 1:15AM

This week’s poll: Los Angeles-based artist Liz Craft.  LAND’s most recent exhibition (it just opened this past Sunday, April 7th) is a sculptural installation of Liz’s work in West Hollywood Park – the sculptures will be on view until October 2013 so be sure to stop by and check them out! 

Here is our poll:

1.) If there were 2 extra hours in every day, somehow only for you, that is, everyone else would only have 24, what would you do with them?

LC: Read and stretch

2.) If you had to lose them, list your senses in ascending order of loss (1 is the "first choice" to go, and so on).

LC: Smell, taste, hearing, sight 

3.) If you were a vegetable/fruit, an animal, and a piece of furniture, respectively, which one of each would you be?

LC: Avocado, cat, lawn chair

Shamim M. Momin