(Artist) Lunchtime Poll: Rob Fischer

Shamim M. Momin
Jan 28, 2013 9:30PM

This week's poll: Rob Fischer. One of my very favorite people (along with his genius and gorgeous family), as well as a fantastic artist I’ve known now for at least 15 years. We've done a Whitney Biennial together, an extraordinary solo project at the Whitney at Altria, loads of smaller, group thingies, and most recently, collaborated on a project in Marfa, TX during his Chinati residency, as part of LAND's 1.0 exhibition Nothing Beside Remains.

Truth be told, I've spent a lot of time around Rob at our favorite former bar (no name, it was just My Bar...), comparing jewelry and love of pink with his nymph-like daughter, fishing on the Mississippi, or shooting skeet at a range (safely, dude, I'm not into that stuff...), but luckily that's where all the best kinds of artist conversation you can expect, or be lucky enough to get, will happen...

1.) If you were a vegetable/fruit, an animal, and a piece of furniture, respectively, which one of each would you be?

RF: A fruit: an olive. I don’t even like to eat them but I have wanted to live in Greece for a while. 

An animal: an owl.  We spent a lot of time over the holiday at our cabin watching an enormous grey owl sitting in the trees around the pond.  I take it as a good sign.  It would look at us occasionally and then look around again. They are usually pretty reclusive but this one would let us walk around under the tree it sat in and would just watch us.  It is hard to imagine how they can survive the cold – it is supposed to get to 31 below zero up there tonight. 

A piece of furniture: a Jean Prouve bookshelf/bench. There are a couple to choose from.  But since I can’t be it or buy it, maybe I will just build a copy of it. 

2.) Name three things you would consider worth cutting off your pinky for (of non-dominant hand).

RF: The other day when I started this it was a different set of answers if there was anesthesia than without.  It is one thing to be without a pinky; it is another thing to suffer the pain of losing it.  1. Enough money to not have to ever worry about being destitute when I am old, which may be my biggest fear.
 2. For world peace? Although then all meaning in the world would be gone. 
3. To know now what I hope I will know then.  Life would be so much easier and my anxiety level would drop.  (Unless things go poorly)?

3.) If you could read someone's mind for an hour – either living now or a fictional character (hence always living) – who would it be and why?

RF: I wouldn't want to read the mind of any of my friends or acquaintances.  I really don’t want to know, except maybe my wife Sara's.  She can be one of the most private people I know and regularly it strikes me that there is only a small percentage of what she really thinking about that is expressed.  And I want to know what the rest of it is. Or again, maybe I don't.  Of fictional characters, Antonia Shimerda, of My Antonia.  Subtle and complex feelings about accepting what life gave you.

Shamim M. Momin