Repurpose: Exploration of Technology and the Commonplace

Shannon Kuguenko
Oct 6, 2014 12:33AM

Robert Rauschenberg expertly blended the mundane and the cutting edge, using technology to bring new meaning and intriguing beauty to the messy and unsophisticated products of American culture.

Discovery, not perfection, was the finish line, with fearlessness as a chariot for revelation.

Repurpose will focus on those who dare to explore that which is overlooked in order to breathe fresh life into old creations and commonplace technology.

The exhibition seeks out artists who utilize both new and pre-existing mediums to engage viewers, allowing the opportunity for immersion into playful thought and interaction. There will be a focus on the transformation of found and rejected objects, exploring the limits of creative repurposing of materials. The intention is to create an imaginative play space for viewers, mirroring Rauschenberg's own thirst for inventive creativity.

Just as Rauschenberg was always learning and expanding, Repurpose: Exploration of Technology and the Commonplace exists as an opportunity for sensory exploration.

Shannon Kuguenko