Art Installation, "Frozen Light" of Zarina Hashmi

Shruthi Issac
Apr 15, 2014 8:06AM

Frozen light or the divine light or noor is an offshoot of 76 years old, New York based Indian artist's earlier work called Noor (2008).

Noor-is an age old concept prevalent in many religious traditions. A story of the Old testament and a Sufi belief. Moses asked God to reveal himself and was blinded bu the divine light when his request was granted, Sufi mystics believe that your soul is part of Noor and when you come to this earth, it is separated from the divine. All your life, the light has abandoned you, and you long to be united with your creator. My interest in darkness was inspired by the poem “Dark night if the soul” written by Saint John of the cross during his imprisonment by the Spanish Inquisition, The darkness of the dungeon forced him to look into his own soul for the light. I have accepted my mortality and am preparing myself, not materially but spiritually, to encounter the blinding light and leave behind the darkness of the soul."

                                                                  (Zarina Hashmi)

Shruthi Issac