All Art Is Art

Silky Sullivan
Oct 20, 2014 1:38AM

       Art, though a prominent staple in today’s society, is slowly becoming cryptic to individuals that are not involved heavily in the art world. Some are taught the only “real” art is similar to that of a Michelangelo sculpture or a Botticelli painting, but art has inconspicuously transformed into the boundless, free form genre we have come to love today. Regardless of the fact that we live in a day and age in which almost anyone can become a self-proclaimed artist, it is disheartening to see that not many people are using their creativity and artistic skill to express themselves in even the most elemental way. My goal is to not only show the benighted individuals that art can be created with the simplest everyday materials, but to also express that art doesn’t have to be “high art” to be taken seriously.

        Robert Rauschenberg exemplifies everything that I defend in the sense that he is an artist that has a history of utilizing everyday materials versus sticking to the traditional paint and canvas. Though Rauschenberg does have pieces that are more traditional than others, I have chosen to highlight his more new wave pieces such as Gold Standard and Coin (Jammer) for example.Rauschenberg’s pieces paired with pieces from artists such as Julia Dault, Sam Francis, Sigmar Polke, Isa Genzken and other exemplary artists who create simple, yet captivating pieces, will hopefully sway any non-believer that any form of expression can be considered art. Each of these artists embodies the uniqueness and boldness that is necessary to capsize the traditional art world and reconfigure it.

       Before entering my freshman year in college, I too could be categorized within the target audience I’m attempting to reach. Like many in my age group, I knew that art wasn’t limited to exhibits displayed in a museum. However, I would never have known how absolutely oblivious I was at the time until I took my first college level art course. I was exposed to an entirely new world of art and artists that I never knew existed, such as Magritte, Abramovic, Duchamp, Pollock and a deluge of other innovative artists. Today’s artists like Petra Collins, Kesh and Vilde Rolfsen have paved a path of boundless expressionism that is desperately needed in this generation. They’ve encouraged and empowered individuals like myself to explore my depths and produce artwork that is self-pleasing rather than what is pleasing/acceptable to the art world; and this is what I intend to share with the next person.

Silky Sullivan