My Highlights from Frieze London 2014

The thing about Frieze is that there are just so many works to see that you get a kind of sensory overload. I hope this list will help people navigate it. 
I have picked a mix of artists from around the world and working in different mediums. With the Franks-Suss Collection, we try to uncover genius where it has not yet been discovered. We often look in places off the beaten track. Fairs like Frieze give you a chance to do that without having to go to some obscure or far away country. I love discovering a new artist. I hope this list helps whoever is reading discover one themselves. Enjoy. 
My Selection:
, Untitled (Zink), 2014, at Timothy Taylor Gallery
Tamar (one of the Collection’s curators) is a big fan of Volker’s work. Check out his sculptural work as well.
, Obsidian Eroded Keyboard, 2014, at Galerie Perrotin 
I can’t get enough of Daniel’s work. On a personal level I think he is a special guy—someone who is an artist through and through. He did an amazing show earlier this year at Perrotin in Paris and is just on a roll. Check out the film projector work... pure genius.
I am new to Andreas’s work but both our curators and my wife love his work. I can see why.
, World on Hind Legs II, 2014, at Goodman Gallery 
I was a late arrival as a fan of William Kentridge. I remember the first time I saw one of his works—it was in Berlin at the Hoffman Collection. The work was a video, Weighing and Wanting. I sat through the whole thing without moving an inch. It had the most powerful and visceral effect on me. Since then, I have been a huge fan. This work reminds a lot of the tone of Weighing and Wanting
, The Little Hill of Shit, 2014, at Wilkinson
I have argued many times that today’s contemporary scene underappreciates technical skill. George has that in spades. George’s paintings and drawings are just simply incredible.
, Pulling Her Stitches On Your Time, 2014, at Supportico Lopez 
I first came across Steve at his graduation show at the RCA. One of the things that impressed most was just how many mediums he works in and shows great aptitude with. Be it sculpture / taxidermy / mixed media / video / 2D / 3D etc... He is one to watch for the future.
, Palimpsetes II, 2014, at ShanghART
Sun Xun is a superb multi-disciplined artist who, like many other Chinese artists, deserves more attention in the West. We are big fans. Love his video work too.
, Nude Descending Staircase, 2014, at Victoria Miro
Love Idris Khan. 
, Orange Orchid Clipping, 2014, at David Kordansky Gallery
Jonas’s work is very cool. We are big fans. 
, Mob Mentality, 2014, at Marianne Boesky Gallery
One of our curators has been a big vocal supporter of Diana’s work, and rightly so. Check out her beautiful sculpture Synonym.