Keltie Ferris Spray Paints in Solitude | Art21

Santa Monica Museum of Art (SMMoA)
Jan 21, 2014 1:06AM

Armed with a spray paint of vaporized oil pigments, artist Keltie Ferris has developed an original approach to abstract painting. Keltie Ferris: Doomsday Boogie, on view at the Santa Monica Museum of Art from January 18 through April 5, 2014, includes two of Ferris’s large-scale paintings, along with a series of thin vertical canvases. The larger paintings, with their pixelated backgrounds and neon, atmospheric foregrounds, evoke technological cityscapes. They have all the layered space and temporality of TronCity of Night, and other masterpieces of sci fi-noir.

In this film, Ferris begins a new series of paintings in her Bushwick, Brooklyn studio. Painting in isolation, she discusses both the pleasures and anxieties of working in solitude.

CREDITS | “New York Close Up” Created & Produced by: Wesley Miller & Nick Ravich. Editor: Joaquin Perez & Mary Ann Toman. Cinematography: Rafael Moreno Salazar & Ava Wiland. Sound: Nicholas Lindner, Wesley Miller & Ava Wiland. Associate Producer: Ian Forster. Production Assistant: Paulina V. Ahlstrom, Don Edler & Maren Miller. Design & Graphics: Crux Studio & Open. Artwork: Keltie Ferris. An Art21 Workshop Production. © Art21, Inc. 2011. All rights reserved.

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