Snarkitecture in Sao Paulo: MADE and Casa Electrolux

Aug 30, 2013 3:50PM
Commissioned to create two separate installations for MADE Sao Paulo, Snarkitecture worked with Electrolux to source materials reclaimed from their manufacturing process. Hundreds of lightweight recycled high impact polystyrene freezer bins are arrayed in an offset grid to infill the architecture of the existing site, with the openings of the boxes creating an architectural play on the coffered ceiling.  Pushed or pulled vertically, the field of boxes create a sweeping topography that hovers within the space, changing in appearance as visitors approach and move below the installation. At the Jockey Club, the installation provides a sensation of entering from above where the boxes appear as a solid volume which the stairs drop below, leading you into the main design showcase beyond.  At Casa Electrolux, filtered light permeates through the suspended bins from the skylight above which breaks up the grid and creates a central focal point within the main showroom.

The installation at Casa Electrolux is on display through September 8, 2013.
Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday from 10AM - 7PM,
Saturday from 10AM - 5PM.
Columbia, 157, Jardim Europa
Sao Paulo