From Here to Eternity: The Enduring Legacy of Chinese Funerary Objects

Mar 15, 2013 8:37PM

By Harold Yeo

The Terracotta army of the First emperor of the Qin dynasty, Qinshihuang, unearthed in 1974 in Xi’an, China is regarded by some as the eighth wonder of the world. Numbering some 8,000 soldiers, I was fortunate enough to see ten of these figures up close and personal at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, when Jennifer Biederbeck, Director of Sotheby’s San Francisco, and I attended their Opening Night Gala for the exhibition of China’s Terracotta Warriors on 20th February 2013.
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Harold Yeo is a Specialist in the Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Department in New York. He has been in the auction business for over 15 years.