Portraiture in lifestyle of Rauschenberg

Spencer Fuller
Sep 29, 2014 2:31AM

My name is Spencer Kathleen Fuller I am nearing the end of my sophomore year. My works for my exhibition are expressive of the artist Rauschenberg. All these works include different mediums, from my experience as a volunteer in the museums. In particular Los Angeles loves expressive contemporary art like the Hammer Museum, and Fowler Museum which is more cultural based Anthropology influenced.  I choose some portraiture of Rauschenberg because my main interests are in photography.  The artist portrait of Rauschenberg is included in this exhibition to mirror the other portraiture modern artists from J. Paul Getty Museum.  The American artist Rauschenberg uses collages in his works as well. Hammer Museum I was an ambassador in 2012, I was pleased to use James Welling he’s work mirrors the abstract photography of Rauschenberg. In addition, the Victoria and Albert Museum portraiture of the French couture model embellishes the piece entitled Theater (Tribute 21), 1994 by Rauschenberg. However, the Arthur Rothstein Girl at Gee's Bend, 1937 compliments the Robert Rauschenberg Winter Pool, 1959 for this exhibition. I choose these pieces because the Rauschenberg reminds of the ladder to the hut, of the girl pictured in Rothsteins.  Lastly, Paul Strand this piece reminds of the photography layout of my design for this exhibition. The square in this piece, and the portrait Dinner suit and headdress by Schiaparelli, 1947 supports this concept of depth and contrast of angles for beginning photographers.  Paris is so inventive for artists worldwide, which is why I incorporated Paul Gauguin Bonjour Monsieur Gauguin, 1889. Curators choice is Julia Margaret Cameron Sadness, 1864 her expression off sets the mood of the entire collections for the works done by the American artist Rauschenberg.

Spencer Fuller
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