Monster Fresh on Serge Gay Jr's "Different Rules" at SPOKE SF

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Jan 19, 2017 10:35PM
Less Than Human, 2016
Spoke Art

Culture writer Dead C writes: "Different Rules is the latest solo show by San Francisco painter, Serge Gay Jr and, although we’ve been fans of his work for years now, this is, without a doubt, the most compelling material that I’ve seen him produce to date.

After getting my first glimpse of Different Rules in the form of “Less Than Human” — one of the many large scale acrylic on canvas pieces in the show — I knew that this would be something a little different, something incredibly raw, and that this was going to be a collection of images siphoned straight from the artist’s core.  These were going to be images that he felt a need or compulsion to paint, rather than strictly a series of interesting ideas, or something visually stimulating, yet reserved to a surface level appeal.  A young tricycle-riding African-American child is haunted/hunted by terror in the form of swarming phantom canines, the edge of the frame showing a police officer with his weapon drawn." 

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