Five Artists to Watch at PULSE New York

Stanislava Chyzhykova
Mar 5, 2015 12:36AM

PULSE New York is kicking off spring festivities in the city. It might be slushy and cold, but under the roof of the Metropolitan Pavilion it’s all bursts of color and young energy. The fair offers a unique chance for eager art neophytes and adventurous collectors to discover star artists that are still within a prudent collector’s reach. Here are some of my favorite artists at the fair—whose careers I plan to keep an eye on.

Lauren Fensterstock 

A favorite at PULSE Miami Beach 2014, Lauren Fensterstock is showing her recent mixed-media installation pieces at the fair’s New York outpost this year. Resembling stalactites and stalagmites made of charcoal flowers, the works transform the space into a cavernous environment.

Margaret Roleke

Eagle (Cowboys and Indians), 2012

Roleke creates abstract wall pieces out of plastic children’s toys to express her ongoing meditation on popular culture, gender, childhood, and war. 

Aaron Johnson

Demon Pig, 2015
Gallery Poulsen

Freakish, grotesque, and sexual, Johnson’s paintings and mixed-media works carry bold political and social statements. Inspired by Indian art and artifacts, Johnson responds to global concerns with wit and humor. 

Osamu Yokonami

Assembly D-1, 2012
De Soto Gallery

Unsettling and mysterious, Yokonami’s photographs are a balancing act. His idyllic scenes are staged and unintentional, static and dynamic, impersonal and very touching, leaving one’s mind to wander in the dreamy scenery. 

Katsutoshi Yuasa

Illuminated Nature, 2014

Although monochrome, Yuasa’s woodcut prints are full of depth. Combining centuries-old Japanese printmaking techniques with traditional nature morte compositions, and infusing them with seductive and velvety hues, Katsutoshi creates works that have a fine-art quality with a contemporary twist. 

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Stanislava Chyzhykova