My favorite works from ARCO Madrid '14

Stas Chyzhykova
Feb 13, 2014 4:52PM

Spain's largest art fair opens next week! I will not be there, but I reviewed the works that will be shown in Madrid. I got quite nostalgic, seeing many artists that represented their nations at the Venice Biennale 2013, the preview of which I was very fortunate to attend last May. Here's the list of works by these artist: 

1. Kimsooja... because the Korean Pavilion was the dreamiest place in Venice last summer. 

2. Richard Mosse.. because in the Irish Pavilion he showed a different side of Eastern Congo.

3. Zsolt Asztalos... the Hungarian Pavilion. I'm still unclear what this is about. 

4. Alfredo Jaar.. because seeing Venice submerge and emerge from dark waters in the Chilean Pavilion was absolutely amazing, and because Alfredo's son is just an incredible musician :)

5. Antti Laitinen.. because the Finnish Pavilion was fascinating.  

6. Joana Vasconcelos.. because she created the most extraordinary environment in the Portuguese Pavilion

Stas Chyzhykova