My miart 2014 Highlights

Stas Chyzhykova
Mar 24, 2014 7:24PM

Milan's most prominent art fair opens in three days. In case you are not attending the fair this year, here are a few works that are especially captivating. 

1. Gold in The Morning (09) by Alfredo Jaar has a very abstract and tactile quality. Although figurative, visually it pairs well with the predominantly abstract landscape of the fair. 

2. Joe Reihsen -- a young and quite successful artist I've been following for a few months. This new body of works presented by Anat Ebgi Gallery at the fair, shows a variety of Joe's talent and makes me think that we'll hear his name more often. 

3 and 4. Liam Gillick's wall piece and Agostino Bonalumi's painting offer a fantastic minimalist pairing. Wish we could see them side by side at the fair! 

5. Chris Succo is a true discovery for me. Curious to see how the fair will affect his progress as a young artist. His monochrome paintings, brought to the fair by Rod Barton look very promising. 

6. Harold Ancart is another emerging artist, I've been following. I had a chance to see similar works at C L E A R I N G last fall, and am very excited to see that Harold's career is taking off and he is featured at the fair. 

7 and 8. Don't these two works by Paul Jenkins and Rudolf Polanszky form a stunning pairing? 

9. This is a very unexpected piece by Israel Lund Untiled, 2013. It is surprising to see Israel use regular lines. 

Stas Chyzhykova