My Highlights from FOG Design+Art 2015

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Jan 8, 2015 4:22PM

Most paintings and photographs I am attracted to come from an emotional reaction, whereas pottery, furniture, and objects are a more intellectual choice for me. I can ponder the line and form of a table for months before deciding if it fits within the story I’m telling. I am attracted to figurative art and to furniture with sensual lines, although that could change in a few minutes.

My Selection:

Will Rogan, Silencer (MUM) #7, 2007, at Altman Siegel 

Silencer (MUM) #7, 2007
Altman Siegel

Pedro Barrail, Holy Mackerel, 2014, at Cristina Grajales Gallery   


Jay DeFeo, Untitled, 1973, at Hosfelt Gallery   

Untitled, 1973
Hosfelt Gallery

Teresita Fernández, Sfumato (Horizon), 2010, at Anthony Meier Fine Arts 

Sfumato (Horizon), 2010
Anthony Meier Fine Arts

Markus Haase, Bleached Ash and Onyx Sconce, 2014, at Todd Merrill Studio

Bleached Ash and Onyx Sconce, 2014
Todd Merrill Studio

Greta Magnusson Grossman, “Ironing Board” table, 1952, at R & Company

"Ironing Board" table, 1952
R & Company

Takuro Kuwata, Dots, 2014, at Salon 94 

Dots, 2014
Salon 94

Amikam Toren, Of the Times - Thursday April 16 1992, 1992, at Jessica Silverman Gallery

Artsy Editorial