Anarchitecture - Gordon Matta-Clark

Stasya Chyzhykova
Apr 3, 2013 9:17PM

In the early 70s SoHo was merely a disused industrial district in Manhattan. Gordon Matta-Clark helped transform this part of the city into a true art hub. 

In the midst of Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism boom, Matta-Clark was doing something very different, yet no less expressive and revolutionary. 

The artist created 3D building sections that we commonly see in architecture books. By carving sections out of old buildings, he exposed structural layers, deconstructed abandoned houses and exposed never-seen-before panoramas. 

David Zwirner gallery just opened Matta-Clark's show Above and Below, a unique exhibition of rare photographs, sketches and films, documenting the artist's practice of building cuts and his frequent explorations of tunnel systems in NYC and Paris. 

Above and Below is up until May 4. 

Photos - David Zwirner Gallery 

Stasya Chyzhykova