Inside Mickalene Thomas's Work

Stasya Chyzhykova
Feb 9, 2013 11:00PM

On this frosty and snowy New York day I was seeking warmth and a splendor of bright colors. I found it at The Proposition, a corner gallery right off of Bowery by the New Museum. Just last night Mickalene Thomas opened Decopolis, a pop-up shop, in this space, where she recreated a 70’s living room.

As I entered, a flood of colors rushed on to me. In this stylized room I saw Ronald Sosinski and Ellen Donahue, the owners of The Proposition, and a man who spoke with a charming Italian accent. In the center of the room on a couch was Micke, as everyone kept calling her. The artist was changing her baby. I stood star-struck and hypnotized. “Come on in, sit with us! This is not a performance art piece. This is Mickalene herself and this IS her child.”

The room was filled with mixed-media art, stacks of books, cushions and furniture, covered in 70's patterned fabric, and framed photographs of gorgeous, voluptuous women.  

A kaleidoscope of feelings. A true delight.  

Stasya Chyzhykova