Insta-picks from Pulse NY

Stasya Chyzhykova
May 9, 2013 11:13PM

1. Cornell DeWittDirector of Pulse Fair 

2 & 3. Mind-blowing visual illusion by Patrick Hughes

4. Carroll and Sons Gallery Booth, Boston MA

5 & 6. Christine Flynn's works that explore memories of her home in CA

7. Daido Moriyama - salon-style, deeply personal photographs of the artist's surroundings 

8. Carol K. Brown's Las Conquistadoras - a series of tiny paintings based on photographs of older women in fierce poses with various weaponry

9. M. Cheon's (aka Kim Il Soon) Political Pop

10. Tseng Kwong Chi's portraits of Andy Warhol and Michel Basquiat 

11. Michael Scoggins's Conan the Barbarian - large-scale comic cartoon

12.  Lee Yanor's dreamy still 

13. Sohei Nishino' s map collages   

Stasya Chyzhykova