Eduardo Kac, pioneer of bio art and telepresence

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Dec 7, 2013 1:57AM

Eduardo Kac is internationally recognized for his telepresence and bio art. A pioneer of telecommunications art in the pre-Web '80s, Eduardo Kac (pronounced "Katz") emerged in the early '90s with his radical works combining telerobotics and living organisms. His visionary integration of robotics, biology and networking explores the fluidity of subject positions in the post-digital world. His work deals with issues that range from the mythopoetics of online experience (Uirapuru) to the cultural impact of biotechnology (Genesis); from the changing condition of memory in the digital age (Time Capsule) to distributed collective agency (Teleporting an Unknown State); from the problematic notion of the "exotic" (Rara Avis) to the creation of life and evolution (GFP Bunny). Read more.. Website

Pictured right:

Edunia from Natural History of the Enigma (2003-2008) by Eduardo Kac. “Edunia” is a genetically engineered flower hybrid of the artist and Petunia. The work is a poetic reflection on the contiguity of life between different species and what other life forms might exist or be created beyond earth. It received the Prix Ars Electronica, Golden Nica Award in 2009.

The Lagoglyphs series of artworks (2007 - 2009) reference and expand upon Kac’s controversial genetically altered Alba the GFP Bunny 2000. 

The Lagoglyph Animation, continuously flows reconfigures in real-time, emphasizing the generative mutability of writing and the encoded nature of life. 

Lagoglyphs: The Bunny Variations Limited Edition Silkscreens 15.5″ x 21.5″(40 x 54 cm) each.  A series of 12 bichrome silkscreens created by Kac in 2007 in which the artist develops a leporimorph or rabbitographic form of writing. As visual language that alludes to meaning but resists interpretation, the Lagoglyphs series stands as the counterpoint to the barrage of discourses generated through, with, and around Kac’s “GFP Bunny.”

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