SWAB Barcelona 2019 Presents its 12th Edition

SWAB Barcelona
Apr 23, 2019 10:40AM

Swab Barcelona International Contemporary Art Fair will present its 12th edition during the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th of September. The fair faces this year setting a goal to generate a show that is representative of the international scene, paying special attention to the emerging scene.For this new edition, Swab will gather some 70 galleries from around the world, and up to 300 artists, whose exhibition proposals will have been selected by a specialized committee composed of:Independent curators:David ArmengolDomenico de ChriricoJerome PantalacciOmar Lopez-ChahoudCollectors:Giuseppe CasarottoCal CegoMarlise IlhescaAlberto y Ginette Rebaza

Swab presents a General Program featuring prestigious and established galleries, as well as innovative proposals included in special sections such as Swab On Paper, which reinterprets the paper’s artistic language as a contemporary technique; Swab Ephemeral, featuring ephemeral and installation projects that invite visitors to interact with them and reflect on our current situation in a globalized, fast-paced system; Swab Performance, one of the fair’s most experimental programs, put together in collaboration with Diputació de Barcelona, which reflects on the limits of space and the instantaneity of art; and Swab Reading, a section which showcases projects halfway between art and publishing.Furthermore, as a trademark of the fair, Swab empowers young artists, galleries and independent spaces through the MYFAF and Swab Seed programs. The former provides grants to three galleries opened within the past two years with the goal of helping them enter the international circuit. Swab Seed, on the other hand, is dedicated to new gallery spaces and groups of artists using state-of-the-art platforms and formats.

Julia Mariscal, "Ocells-textos-onades". Swab Performance 2018 (Image courtesy of SWAB Barcelona)

Collectors Program

As in previous editions, Swab Barcelona features a program for international collectors to enhance and expand their private collections with the artistic proposals presented at the fair. This program also aims to bring the art world closer to people who are new to art collecting and who share a passion for contemporary art.The Collectors Program seeks to offer collectors the chance to enjoy the fair and its artistic proposal, as well as a to live a cultural and personal experience in Barcelona through visits to private collections, art centers, exclusive events and other activities taking place in the city during those days.

Storage capacité, Berlin. MYFAF 2018 (Image courtesy of SWAB Barcelona)

Swab Friends

The Swab Friends program was created for people who believe in the importance of supporting contemporary art. From the very start, the fair has favoured emerging talent, creating opportunities for galleries, artists and young curators to access the art market and grow in it. Being a Swab friend means you can support the fair’s mission to promote new talent and bring contemporary art closer to the general public.

Open Applications

Swab 2019 welcomes galleries from all over the globe with innovative programs to apply from February 1 to April 30.

SWAB Barcelona