Proteus Mag Artist Interview: Bill Dunlap

Swerdlow Art Group
Jul 25, 2016 2:40AM

Proteus Magazine sits down with Bill Dunlap to discuss the inspiration behind his paintings, his creative process, and why he became an artist in the first place. 

Can you explain your creative process?

"When things are good, I just keep going. Each painting I do gives me ideas for many more, and I feel like I’ll never live long enough to paint them all. Then all of a sudden it just comes to a halt for no reason. Suddenly I think all I’ve done and was planning to do was stupid and terrible. Then I don’t know what to do with myself for weeks until things start clicking again. It’s a terrible cycle that goes over and over."—Bill Dunlap

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"I think I’m trying to communicate my unease, my dissatisfaction, my sense of the poverty of human doing, and the vulnerability, suffering, and frailty of all living things."— Bill Dunlap

Swerdlow Art Group