My Highlights from Art Stage Singapore 2014

Sylvain Levy
Jan 9, 2014 9:20PM

In this selection, I have tried to express diversity. From the use of all types of mediums to cultural points of view, the contemporary art world is diverse. It is interesting to go to a fair like Art Stage Singapore to discover new expressions and to think “outside of the box.” As for my decision process, I would like to quote Vincent van Gogh: “You do not find flowers on paved roads.” For me, collecting is where I can pick these flowers.

My Selection:

Qin FengFour Seasons, at Ode to Art  

Qin Feng is a very good example of the best in contemporary ink painting.

Yuan YuanA Little Bit Lonely I, 2013, at Edouard Malingue Gallery

Yuan Yuan is a talented painter that we’ve know for a long time and who is getting more and more mature in his practice.

Tatsuo MiyajimaLife (Corps sans Organes) No.19, 2013, at Lisson Gallery

Interactive art is also something that I am fond of. The young audience connects very well with these types of works.

Liu WeiLandscape, 2013, at Lin & Lin Gallery

Liu Wei is among my favorite painters and especially this body of work. In this work you have a mixture of great skill and tradition. Lin and Lin gallery is also doing a great job to support its artists.

Wenda GuMetamorphosis, Chinese Series A7, E11 & C4, 2000-2005, at Gajah Gallery

Wenda Gu is one my favorite artists. He has been a major player in the Chinese contemporary art scene for a long time. From my point of view, he is underestimated.

Haslin Ismail, Book Land, 2013, at G13 Gallery

This is one of the very few installations in this fair. Installations are seldom collected, even if they represent a big part of the contemporary art creation. We collect installations because our contemporary collection would not be complete without this type of work. Fernando Botero, Man Smoking, 1995, at Galeria el Museo

One of my favorite artists. We began our Western collection with an important Botero painting from 1990.

Tony OurslerBurst, 2011, at Contemporary by Angeli Li

We have collected many videos, and Tony Oursler and Bill Viola are among my favorite video artists.

Chen WeiCoins #4, 2012, at Ben Brown Fine Arts

One of the most promising young photographers who is supported by great galleries.

Li TianbingSelf-portrait Countryside Stage, 2013, at Art Plural Gallery.

He is a very talented painter.

Agus Suwage, Self Portrait and Co #2, 2013, at Arndt

Agus Suwage is a very good example from all the emerging art scenes. We are now, more than ever, in a multicultural world.

Chen QiulinThe Hundred Surnames in Tofu, 2004-2014, at A Thousand Plateaus Art Space

Chen Qiulin is from small town on the Yangtze river that was submerged by the Three Gorges Dam. Like millions of others, she has seen where she grew up disappear forever and has had to adjust to making a new life in another place. She is representative of this generation of artists who, through their works, are the mirror of this huge transformation that China is experiencing

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Sylvain Levy