Francis Bacon - Seated Figure, 1977

Tanya Baxter Contemporary
Aug 20, 2019 2:25PM

Stunning and rare limited edition etching and aquatint

Francis Bacon - Seated Figure, 1977, etching and aquatint, 1992, edition 78 of 90, stamp signature, 164 x 121.5 cm, 189 x 175 with frame

This Francis Bacon 'Seated Figure' etching derives from a series of studies Bacon carried out on the exploration of characters. The subject is unknown, as his identity is kep secret. Throughout this series, Bacon sets out on a request for representation of both mankind and pictorial dimension. While the figure remains central, there appears to be a concern with his surrounds. The perspective creates a strong feel of enclosure, so that there is a rendering of an extremely suffocating environement. With this work, Bacon researches and questions matters of great psychological implications as well as ones of physical investigation.

Baon's oil paintings simultaneously repel and intrigue the viewer with their bold, grotesque figures. This paradox remains consistent with his print work, which he based on a selection of thiry-five of his own paintings dating from 1965-1991. Bacon worked with skilled printers to create his relatively small body of etchings and lithographs that total only about 40 editions. The reason that Francis Bacon prints exist is because he did no preliminary drawings and did not produce prints or lithographs in the standard way. While living in Paris, he found himself surrounded by some of the best printmaking studios in the world and decided to have some of his images turned into prints. Bacon was very involved with the printmaking process and made sure he was present at the studio to ensure that the right colour balance was achieved. Approval to print wasn't given until he was happy with the final product.

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