Ju Ming - Single Whip, Taichi Series

Tanya Baxter Contemporary
Aug 2, 2017 11:37AM

From his famous Taichi Series, Ju Ming's Single Whip is one of his most recognized and significant works.

Ju Ming - Taichi Single Whip, bronze, 75 x 47 x 28 cm, signed and marked 7 of 10, acquired from Hanart's original Hong Kong Showroomin 1986

World renowned sculpture Ju Ming has been celebrated and exhibited internationally since the 1970's. His Taichi Series, of which, Single Whip is the most recognizable example, is regarded as his most powerful body of work. Embodying beauty, penetrability, dynamism and the sense of motion and space, Ju Ming creates a fraught tension between the desire for movement and stillness. The figures in the Taichi Series possess not only the form of motion but also momentum.

Ju Ming is also known for his unique sculptural process, he created new techniques and used new medium in order to express his artisty. When working with Bronze, Ju Ming resisted creating his works purely through moulding, which is the common method. Rather, he retained his wood carving technique by creating his moulds out of pieces of hand-carved styrofoam, which resulted in an effect that, more so than wood, closely resembled the style and feel of natural stone.

Ju Ming quickly became famous internationally. He has been exhibited in London at the Southbank Centre, and all over the world at major museums and galleries in New York City, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg, Berlin, Singapore, Canada, Macau - the list goes on. His revolutionary and unique sculpture is contemporary art that is also deeply rooted in Chinese tradition, and in this way his Taichi series serves as an icon for Chinese contemporary art.

Tanya Baxter Contemporary