Marc Quinn - Flower

Tanya Baxter Contemporary
Dec 11, 2018 5:36PM

Quinn's stunning flower paintings subvert one of the oldest forms of picture making: the still life.

To create his hyper-real, large scale oil paintings, Quinn creates astill-life arrangement in his studio using flowers and fruit he purchases in London on a particular day. Most of the combinations he uses would never bloom together in the natural world, adding to the otherwordly feel. Quinn photographs the arrangements, sometimes set against a snowy ground or volcanic sand, and then makes oil paintings from these photographs. The finished paitnings depict a 'frozen' moment of unnatural time.

In Particle Ripple, Quinn casts streaks of colour over the hyper-real, enlarged flowers, in a kind of action-painting similar to Jackson Pollock's drip paintings. The colours and plasticity of the splatters appear three dimensional against the flat, smooth surface of the canvas.

Marc Quinn
Particle Ripple, 2012
Tanya Baxter Contemporary

Marc Quinn first rose to prominence as one of the original Young British Artists, or YBA's, who shook up London's contemporary art scene with provocative, controversial works. Today Quinn is one of the most widely collected and recognized of the YBA's. His work is held in the most important collections worldwide and he features in numberous international exhibitions, fashion collaborations and celebrity charity events.

Tanya Baxter Contemporary