Tetsuo Mizu - The boys and girls in 1983 -

Dec 23, 2014 7:39AM


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In the year of 1983, Tetsuo Mizu had drawn 50 paintings of boys and girls before he returned to Italy where he'd originally stayed in. All these paintings have been in private by a collector. On this coming exhibition, some of his art works which have been in private, including above paintings will be unveiled to the public in 32 years.

Tetsuo MizuBorn in Tokyo, on December 13th, 1944. In 1967, encountered the works of Modigliani and decided Modigliani as his lifelong master. In 1971, started drawing and studied at Musashino Art Academy. In 1975, made an entry in an Exhibition of the Free Art Association and became a member. In the same year, held his first private exhibition in Tokyo. Since 1977, has annually produced an original anthology of poems and pictures. In 1983, was awarded the Free Art Prize. During the five years from 1983 to 1988, worked and stayed with his family in Italy three times in Anzio and Rome. In 1987, was invited to the First Representational Art Concours in Anzio near Rome and received the Special Prize and at the request of the Church of St. Anna in Lavinio (Rome), created stained-glass works and installed them in December. In September 1989, had the Exhibition of Chagall, Dali, Picasso, Melois and Mizu at B.I.A.F. ART INTER AG in Barcelona, Spain. Held a private exhibition in March 1990 in Brussels, Belgium, and also in April in Budapest, Hungary. From June to July, stayed and worked in Palma de Mallorca. In September 1990, had an exhibition in Barcelona, Spain at B.I.A.F, and also at GAND (Belgium). In November, will have a joint exhibition with the works of Dali at BEAUNE (France). Has had numerous private exhibitions in Japan and abroad.