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TEFAF New York Fall
Oct 22, 2019 2:54PM

Gilbert Stuart, George Washington, circa 1798. Image Courtesy of Hirschl and Adler Galleries and TEFAF New York Fall 2019.

Cultural Program

COFFEE TALKS - Thoughts from the Scaffold: Conserving Works in Public

Friday, November 1, 2019 - 11AM-12PM

Location Veteran's Room | Park Avenue Armory | Park Avenue at East 67th Street

Recently art restoration and conservation have emerged from museum back rooms and moved into the public square. Headlines about such work focus the public’s attention on great masterpieces restored as well as the unmasking of potential fakes and other rare events. Yet such breathless reports rarely if ever account for the slow process that goes on in conservation studios every day. How does that unglamorous work and the lessons it has to tell us about the works themselves translate to an Instagram public? Some museums have undertaken to do restoration work in public as another means of capturing public attention as well as explaining the work of conservators. These projects raise important questions about the appropriate role of such efforts in educating the public about the role of conservation and the complexity of what conservators do. This panel, comprised of conservators from leading international institutions, examines these questions and how to balance them with long standing conservation and museum practices.


  • Claire Barry, Director, Conservation, Kimbell Art Museum
  • Michael Gallagher, Sherman Fairchild Chairman, Paintings Conservation, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Robert van Langh, Head, Department of Conservation and Science, Rijksmuseum

Moderator: Jim Coddington, former Chief Conservator, Museum of Modern Art

This program was organized in association with the Association of Professional Art Advisors.

A Pair of 'Dragon' Panels, China - Kangxi/Yongzheng period, early 18th century. Image Courtesy of Littleton & Hennessy Asian Art and TEFAF New York Fall 2019.

TEFAF AFTERNOONS - Chinese Art and its Markets: A Tremulous Present, What for the Future?

Friday, November 1, 2019 - 4PM-5PM

Location Veteran's Room | Park Avenue Armory | Park Avenue at East 67th Street

For the art world, China has been the site of growth and opportunity over the past decade. Hong Kong, in particular, has solidified its position as the hub of the Asian art market and rivals New York and London as a global art capital. But recent protests have brought simmering political issues to a boil and to international attention. US-China trade tensions persist with no signs of conciliation, as the US imposed a new 15 percent tax on artworks originating from China on September 1st. This panel of art and economic experts takes stock of the current critical state of relations between mainland China and Hong Kong and considers the implications for the future.


  • Boon Hui Tan, Vice President, Global Arts and Cultural Programs and Director, The Asia Society Museum
  • Gady Epstein, China Affairs Editor, The Economist
  • Kejia Wu, Faculty, Art Business Program, Sotheby's Institute of Art

Moderator: Natasha Degen, Professor and Chair, Art Market Studies, Fashion Institute of Technology

TEFAF AFTERNOONS - R&B Female Artists Rock the Art World: Renaissance and Baroque Women Stage a Comeback

Friday, November 1, 2019 - 2PM-3PM

Location Veteran's Room | Park Avenue Armory | Park Avenue at East 67th Street

Unkown to the public for centuries, many women painters and sculptors, successful in their own time (1500 to 1800) are finally taking their rightful place in an art market suddenly eager to have them. Once sought after by royals, popes, and nobles, artists like Lavinia Fontana, Luisa Roldan and Clara Peeters are now the subject of museum shows and the object of collectors’ dreams. Our panel of experts - and fans - discuss the importance of this moment of rediscovery and what lies ahead.


  • Judith Dobrzynski, Journalist
  • Robert Simon, President, Robert Simon Fine Art
  • Oliver Tostmann, Susan Morse Hilles Curator, European Art, Wadsworth Atheneum

Moderator: Frances Beatty, PhD, Chairman, Adler Beatty

TEFAF AFTERNOONS - All Hail the Magnificent: Verrocchio, Bertoldo, and the Arts of Renaissance Florence

Saturday, November 2, 2019 - 2PM-3PM

Location Veteran's Room | Park Avenue Armory | Park Avenue at East 67th Street

How might the Renaissance have laid the foundations for our contemporary culture of artistic celebrity? This discussion explores a historical moment when artists gained increasingly public visibility as they worked to fulfil the demands of patrons such as Lorenzo "The Magnificent" de' Medici. What constituted artistic fame in the Renaissance? How were artistic reputations formed and maintained? What role was played by workshop structures and the creation of artistic genealogies? Our panel considers these questions against the backdrop of two current American exhibitions, Bertoldo di Giovanni: The Renaissance of Sculpture in Medici Florence at The Frick Collection, New York, and Verrocchio: Sculptor and Painter of Renaissance Florence at The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.


  • Andrew Butterfield, President, Andrew Butterfield Fine Art
  • Paola D'Agostino, Director, The Bargello Museums, Florence
  • Aimee Ng, Curator, PhD, The Frick Collection
  • Alexander Noelle, Curatorial Fellow, The Frick Collection

Moderator: Emerson Bowyer, Associate Curator, European Painting and Sculpture, Art Institute of Chicago

TEFAF AFTERNOONS - Decoding Da Vinci - Film Screening American Premiere

Saturday, November 2, 2019 - 5PM-6PM

Location Veteran's Room | Park Avenue Armory | Park Avenue at East 67th Street

500 years after his death, Leonardo da Vinci’s painting is still just as fascinating. And yet, there are only 16 surviving canvasses attributed to him, some of which are unfinished.To understand them, one must go back to how they were produced. Through sketches and notebooks, the comparison of paintings, and the analysis of infrared reflectography – an innovative technique which reveals the drawing beneath the layer of paint – the film underlines the technical and artistic prowess of da Vinci’s work and captures its meaning and emotion. It provides an original perspective on his canvases, each an outstanding exploration of the real world and a moving testimony of a life spent trying to grasp the world through painting.

Produced by ZED and the Louvre Museum for ARTE France


  • Linda Wolk-Simon, PhD, Visiting Professor, The Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
  • This screening was organinzed in association with the Louvre and American Friends of the Louvre.


TEFAF COFFEE TALKS - Still Passionate for Guercino

Saturday, November 2, 2019 - 11AM-12PM

Location Veteran's Room | Park Avenue Armory | Park Avenue at East 67th Street

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (1591-1666), known as Guercino, famous throughout Europe in his day but few people even recognize his name today. Yet his works are eagerly sought by museums and collectors. Virtually every old master auction and art fair features examples of his work. Why are connoisseurs of Italian art passionate about the artist? Why does he stand out beyond other artists of his time? Our panel of experts, each with his own special tie to the artist, explores these questions, against the backdrop of a current exhibition,Guercino: Virtuoso Draftsman, at the Morgan Library & Museum.


  • Federico Castelluccio, Artist and Collector
  • Stephen Ongpin, Director; Stephen Ongpin Fine Art
  • David Stone, PhD, Professor, Art History and Director, Curatorial PhD in Art History, University of Delaware

Moderator: John Marciari, Charles W. Engelhard Curator and Head, Department of Drawings and Prints, Morgan Library & MuseumImage Courtesy of The Morgan Library & Museum.

Still Life of Costly Metal Objects on a Table, Willem Kalf, 1644. Image Courtesy of French and Company and TEFAF New York Fall.

TEFAF AFTERNOONS - The Duveens: Taste Makers, Market Shapers, Mega-Dealers

Sunday, November 3, 2019 - 11AM-12PM

Location Veteran's Room | Park Avenue Armory | Park Avenue at East 67th Street

Buildinga fortune andbusiness empire, they claimed their success was simply good fortune: "Europe had plenty of works of art to sell, and America had plenty of money to buy.” The sellers included Europe’s landed classes, and the buyers were the socially mobile oligarchs weaving trans-Atlantic identities as they built institutions that still define us today. Duveen-driven collections undergird the reputations of Frick, Morgan, Huntington, Widener, and Mellon and the legacy institutions they founded. What makes the firm—even at the distance of a century from its apogee—seem almost mythic in its role, influence, and legacy? Join us for a lively exploration of the spectacular and consequential facets of the Duveen story.


  • Alexis Kugel, Director, Galerie J. Kugel
  • Aso Tavitian, Collector
  • Rebecca Tilles, Associate Curator, 18thc French & Western European Fine and Decorative Arts, Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens
  • Charlotte Vignon, Curator, Decorative Arts, The Frick Collection

Moderator: Tom Loughman, PhD, Director and CEO, Wadsworth Atheneum

TEFAF AFTERNOONS - Stone and Faith: Rebuilding Notre Dame

Sunday, November 3, 2019 - 2PM-3PM

Location Veteran's Room | Park Avenue Armory | Park Avenue at East 67th Street

Our outstanding panel of experts in art, architecture, and historic preservation delve into the complex network of issues involved in perhaps the most watched, debated, and deeply felt building restorations in the world. Notre Dame’s reconstruction whether viewed through a spiritual, aesthetic, or historic lens, will continue to fascinate and frustrate us. It will also yield practical lessons about a host of preservation, heritage, and its institutional role in the city itself.


  • Bonnie Burnham, President Emerita, World Monuments Fund
  • Olivier Meslay, Director, The Clark
  • Jorge Otero-Pailos, PhD, Professor and Director, Historic Preservation, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University

Moderator: David D'Arcy, Correspondent, The Art Newspaper

TEFAF AFTERNOONS - Public Art: Redefining History, Memory, Identity

Sunday, November 3, 2019 - 4PM-5PM

Location Veteran's Room | Park Avenue Armory | Park Avenue at East 67th Street

In two previous fairs, this program has tackled complex issues surrounding the fierce debates swirling around public monuments, their representations, and their meaning to us individually and as community. Last year, the removal of Confederate monuments, both officially and through acts of resistance, and who and how to memorialize were our focus. Today’s panel discusses the new representations of race, gender, and identity in the powerful images created by artists Kehinde Wiley (Rumors of War) and Wangechi Mutu (The NewOnes, will free Us). Truly monumental in every sense, what do they tell us about public sculpture and their role in 2019?


  • Kelly Baum, Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon Polsky Curator, Contemporary Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Sean Kelly, Owner, Sean Kelly Gallery
  • Seph Rodney, PhD, Senior Editor, Hyperallergic
  • Melissa Smith, Freelance Journalist

Moderator: Evan Beard, National Art Services Executive, Bank of America

Relief of a Marine Thiasos, Roman - Circa 1st century AD. Image Courtesy of Kallos Gallery and TEFAF New York Fall 2019.

TEFAF COFFEE TALKS - What's Past is Prologue: A New Spin on an Old Trope

Monday, November 4, 2019 - 11AM-12PM

Location Veteran's Room | Park Avenue Armory | Park Avenue at East 67th Street

Our panel of young design experts are heavily steeped in the history of the decorative arts. But rather than slavishly adhering to historical precedents, they're building upon that tradition to forge exciting new paths in the world of contemporary design, all the while maintaining a dialogue with the antique. Their engaging narratives are an insight into the “now” and the future of design.


  • Adam Charlap Hyman, Principal, Charlap Hyman & Herrero
  • Alyssa Kapito, Founder and Principal, Alyssa Kapito Interiors
  • ​Eric Wunsch, Co-Director, Wunsch Americana Foundation
  • Noah Wunsch, Co-Director, Wunsch Americana Foundation

Moderator: Anthony Barzilay Freund, Editorial Director & Director, Fine Art, 1stdibs

Helen Dryden, Vogue Continental, late July 1918, vol. 52, nº1. Diktats bookstore. Image Courtesy of TEFAF New York Fall 2019.

TEFAF COFFEE TALKS - Storytelling and Clothing: French Fashion and World War I

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 11AM-12PM

Location Veteran's Room | Park Avenue Armory | Park Avenue at East 67th Street

How does clothing carry narrative? And what can those narratives tell us about the experiences of the people that wore them and the cultures that made them? The First World War and the French Fashion industry provide an intriguing case study for this conversation. Leading figures in the field of costume studies focus on how the fashion of this period is an expression of larger social cultural movements. This conversation is set against the backdrop of a current exhibition, ​French Fashion, Women, and the First World War,​ at the Bard Graduate Center.


  • Emma Cormack, Curatorial Assistant, Bard Graduate Center
  • Michele Majer, Assistant Professor, Bard Graduate Center
  • Sarah Scaturro, Head Conservator, The Costume Institute,The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Moderator: Lourdes Font, PhD, Associate Professor, History of Art and MA Program, Fashion and Textile Studies, Fashion Institute of Technology

This program was organized in association with Bard Graduate Center.

TEFAF AFTERNOONS - Latin American Art: The Market Shifts

Monday, November 4, 2019 - 2PM-3PM

Location Veteran's Room | Park Avenue Armory | Park Avenue at East 67th Street

Latin American art is now an undisputed player in the international art market. It has moved rapidly from the margins just a decade ago to a highly desired position today: Any respectable modern/contemporary collection will likely include several works by artists from Latin American or Latinx artists. Major museums (MoMA, Tate, Metropolitan, MFAH, LACMA and others) have dedicated curatorial departments for Latin American/Latinx art. How has the gallery landscape shifted to incorporate this new and increased interest? In this panel we discuss different models for dealing with and collecting art from Latin America, from galleries with different approaches and histories in this field.


  • Cecilia Brunson, Cecilia Brunson Projects
  • Patrick Charpenel, Executive Director, El Museo del Barrio
  • Donald Johnson-Montennegro, Senior Director, Luhring Augustine
  • Pedro Mendes, Partner, Mendes Wood DM Gallery

Moderator: Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro, Senior Advisor, Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros

TEFAF New York Fall