TEFAF Maastricht 2019 | Showcase

Mar 1, 2019 2:13pm
TEFAF Showcase gives recently established galleries the opportunity to participate in TEFAF Maastricht for one year and to gain experience of being part of an international fine art event.
The pre-eminence of TEFAF Maastricht among international art fairs has led to a long waiting list for potential exhibitors and TEFAF Showcase enables some of those keen to take part to do so. It also introduces visitors to the Fair to some of the most interesting emerging galleries from around the world. So far, almost 50 galleries have participated, with many dealers moving on to become fully fledged exhibitors at the Fair.

The TEFAF Showcase 2019 galleries are:

ArtAncient - Unit 2
Attn. Dr Costas Paraskevaides
31 Imperial Road Chelsea Creek
SW62FR London
United Kingdom
Ancient Art

Martin Doustar - Unit 4
Attn. Mr Martin Doustar
15 rue des Minimes
1000 Brussels
Ancient Art from Africa, Oceania and the Americas
including pre-Columbian Art

Galerie Lowet de Wotrenge - Unit 1
Attn. Mr Tyr Baudouin
Vleminckveld 74
2000 Antwerp
Dutch & Flemish works of art & on paper from 16th-18th century

Mathieu Néouze - Unit 3
Attn. Mr Matthieu Néouze
16, rue de la Grange-Batelière
75009 Paris
Painting, drawings & sculpture from 1880-1920

Santa Tecla Srl - Unit 5
Attn. Mr Tommaso Ferruda
Via dei Savonarola, 66 62
35137 Padua
Old master paintings, drawings & sculpture

Galerie Samantha Sellem​ - Unit 6
Attn. Mrs Bertini Stéphanie
5, rue Jacques Callot
75006 Paris
Modern art