Anillos Concentricos April 7 - July 2

Terreno Baldío
Apr 6, 2017 6:23PM

Anillos Concentricos is a contemporary art exhibition that presents the work of various artists in dialogue with moments taken from the artisan processes. With sculptures, photographs and installations by the artists Paloma Torres, Aron Demetz, Hector Velazquez, Kiyoto Ota, Pablo Boneu, Javier Marin and artisans from the region of Michoacan, we celebrate the relationship between contemporary art and crafts.

These pieces, which are exhibited in the Fabrica de San Pedro to accompany the Craft Market Domingo de Ramos, aim to establish and draw physical lines or metaphors between the two, to find a common center. Moreover, the exhibition seeks to raise awareness of the value that represents for a community to have preserved their traditions to this day.

The Fabrica de San Pedro was selected for this exhibition as it is an emblematic piece of industrial architecture in Uruapan; a historical witness of the development of the community.

Anillos Concentricos is part of three actions that will take place in the space throughout 2017. A symposium with local artists developed by the artist Aron Demetz, in collaboration with the community of Val Gardena in Sud Tyrol, Italy, and a temporary exhibition of Javier Marin’s work in Fall 2017.

This exhibition is possible thanks to the support and initiative of Pro U, Fabrica de San Pedro, Javier Marin Foundation, Terreno Baldio Arte and the citizens of Uruapan and nearby communities.

Terreno Baldío