Balinese Contemporary Hyperrealism Artist, Dodit Artawan

The ConnectorHouse
May 17, 2014 7:45PM

DODIT ARTAWAN - Balinese Contemporary Hyperrealism Artist, Dodit Artawan is the kind of artist whose works are deeply rooted to his social milieu. Born in 1978 in Batubulan, Indonesia.

Dodits’ paintings have the illusion of reality, but upon closer inspection the hyperrealism of his works seems to crack revealing the artifice within. You could almost liken it to advertising, “in photorealism – hyperrealism paintings, there are social, political, or psychological aspects that the artists want to convey, some even critique the theme they present.”Aesthetically, the choice of utilizing still life for his works makes perfect sense for Dodit as he is attracted to the transparency and reflection of bottles, glass, metal, plastic, and ice cubes. What it is with his fixation with alcoholic drinks? In which Dodit would jokingly answer “because I do not like milk.”A solemn thought to go by the image of Barbie dolls and liquor bottles by a pool party, but that is the reality behind the farcical hyperrealism . 

The ConnectorHouse
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