Des Moines Art Center welcomes Kabel into permenant collection

The Horsebox Gallery
Sep 1, 2014 12:10PM

We are delighted to announce Des Moines Art Centre  is to purchase Larassa Kabel's artwork 'Don't stop believing'. It will become part of the prestigious museum's permanent collection in Iowa. 

Kabel is renowned for her hyper-realist pencil drawings and paintings. In 2011 Peel Gallery in Texas hosted “And All of This So Far From Heaven” featuring new work by Des Moines, Iowa based artist Larassa Kabel. Kabel creates pencil drawings of animals, female figures and close-up images of human hair in the photorealistic tradition. Her drawings of horses explore the human creative and psychological evolution that is inextricably tied to our relationships with animals. The oddly cropped images exploit the distortions that the photographic process imposes on real life situations encouraging the viewer to transfer his own experiences to the work.

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Larassa Kabel, Art, work, life and death by Visions West Gallery. 

The Horsebox Gallery