Paris – Tel-aviv, a History of Black & White, Galerie Le Minotaure

The Salon: Art + Design
Nov 12, 2013 7:38am
For his second time at the Salon Art + Design, Benoit Sapiro is excited to bring together different artists that have indelibly left their mark on the beginnings of abstract art ; be it František Kupka’s Compositions, with a work representative of the 1930s, or Reliefs by Léon Tutundjian which lay at the heart of the preoccupations of Abstraction Creation, or protean artists using photography in an innovative and decidedly abstract fashion, such as Eric Comeriner, an Austrian photographer who studied under Bauhaus and was close to Moholy-Nagy.
These artists bequeathed a vast legacy to the postwar abstractionists, as the compositions by Vasarely, and later onworks by Gerhard Richter attest.
The 2013 edition of The Salon will be the occasion to rewrite a new history of black and white, and to place some of the foundational artists of the 20th Century in dialogue with a selection of contemporary Israeli artists who collaborated with the Le Minotaure gallery in Tel-Aviv for the exhibit curated by Marie Shek.
This exhibition is a confrontation between the history of twentieth century art and today’s emerging scene.