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Let Me Count the Ways

Photography is one of the most popular searches on Artsy. One advantage of The Art Genome Project is its ability to show users the variety of ways in which a medium like photography might be understood–or in other words, the lenses through which it might be looked at–such as according to its techniques, styles or movements, or even its contemporary tendencies. The following list provides some examples. As always, happy searching!

Aerial Photography; Appropriation; Black-and-white Photography; Camera Obscura; Color Photography; Contemporary Fact versus Fiction; Contemporary Feminist; Contemporary Grotesque; Contemporary Modernist-Type Photography; Contemporary Participation; Contemporary; Photographic Portraiture; Contemporary Realist Portraiture; Contemporary Vintage Photography; Diaristic Photography; Digital Print; Documentary Photography; Dusseldorf School of Photography; Extreme Angle; Fashion Photography; Group f/64; Large-Scale Photography; Long Exposure; Manipulated Photography; Modernist Photography; Multiple Exposure; Multiple Screens; Negative Image; New American Color Photography; New American Documentary Photography; New Topographics; Abstract Photography; Photogram; Photographs of Surfaces; Photojournalism; Photomontage; Pictorialism; Sculpture-Based Photography; Shallow Depth of Field; Slow Motion; Snapshot Aesthetic; Staged Photography; Street Photography; Topographic Photography; Visual References.

-Matthew Israel, Director of The Art Genome Project