Why Art Godzillas Need to Support Artpreneurs?

Artsy Editors
Jun 5, 2014 12:21PM

There is nothing more wonderful than giving without expecting anything in return, the karma is double if you’re sincere.

An artist’s agent or gallery is not regarded generally as a humanitarian initiative. 

Not the way we see it. This is an amazing relationship between two dreamers, believing and supporting another individual is noble and so human.

Let me get to the point, we’re here to announce the launch of theartpreneurs.com, a new site set to provide a prestigious, specialized cyber venue for artists to raise money for their private or community projects and causes by crowdfunding. Godzillas not only get the opportunity to support their dreams but also to discover important talents and get to build special emotional relationships.

If we succeed to bring on the galleries and art lovers to endorse and support this initiative, on one hand we will be delivering on our promise to bring in the Godzillas, on the other it’s a great selfie earning you plenty of karma and a caring public image.

Whatever is the reason everyone is a winner and we get to make dreams a reality, after all there is no reality without a dream.

I’m voting for you, see my thumb! Find out more... would love to hear your opinios and thoughts, we're on Twit @artpreneurs and on FB, Pin and discussing some interesting topics on Linkedin please join us. 

and like Artsy, we love purple too.

Artsy Editors