Eye On: Hilary Faye

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Aug 21, 2013 10:22PM

Melbourne based designer Hilary Faye’s dexterity of skills is bringing a new life to collage. She appropriates images of the human form, natural and cosmic landscape among other elements, creating a new lucid world. Her portfolio spans photography, packaging, collage, illustration, gifs and animation.

When did you first start making artwork?
I've been drawing and painting (not particularly well) for as long as I can remember, but I started making collages specifically, in 2009. My painting teacher suggested collaging as a way to come up with compositions to paint. Which worked well, but I eventually became solely engrossed in making collages, as my forgotten paint hardened on a palette nearby.

Where do you find the imagery for your collages? Do you use your own photographs?
I generally find my images from old magazines and photo-books at second hand stores (op shops as they are fondly called in Australia). National Geographic, commonly used by collage artists, has been a wondrous source of varied imagery from all over the world. The 'travel' section of op shop books usually deliver a range vintage travel books that are filled with full-page colour photographs, and have amusing titles such as "Let's Travel in the Soviet Union" and "Scotland in camera-colour". I haven't used my own photographs in collage thus far, but perhaps this could be a possibility for the future.

What is the strangest dream you can recall?
That's a really hard question! I have strange dreams all the time. The most intense dream that comes to mind was my first proper lucid dream earlier this year. It came out of nowhere and really shook me up. I realised it was a lucid dream when I was looking at a clock and the hands started whizzing around really fast. After that I told myself I would try and make a conscious effort to look for clocks in dreams but it hasn't happened since.

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