Eye On - Lola Dupre

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Jan 28, 2013 10:31PM

Lola Dupre makes her pieces by hand with paper and scissors. Her work has been featured in many fashion editorials and covers for New York Magazine, Flaunt, Lodown, and D Mag among many others. She currently lives and works near Coimbra, Portugal.

Why do you think repetition is so visually satisfying?
I think we find comfort and interest in repetition because we become able to visualize a pattern. Through repetition, perspective and pattern we can see a larger picture form on the periphery of our vision and I imagine this satisfies us as we become able to anticipate what we see.

Do you ever get dizzy when making a piece?
Absolutely not, it would be impossible I think, as I work on the smaller details the effect of the whole goes over my head.

How did you arrive at this style of work?
I used to make 3D forms with papier-mâché; I was always fascinated by the patterns and images that the applied paper would form on the surface. Eventually I realized that this was the most interesting thing for me. I love the accessibility of collage. I travel with scissors, glue, a brush, and paper is everywhere.

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