Geoffrey Lillemon & Iris van Herpen - The Romance of Technology

Avant/Garde Diaries
Nov 8, 2013 8:25PM

In the fashion world, Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen is often considered the next Alexander McQueen. Her sculptural creations are worn by the likes of Björk, Lady Gaga, and Grimes (who is also the face of the designer’s latest collection). But rather than inhabit a bubble of her own whimsy, Van Herpen prefers interdisciplinary research and collaboration with other creative personalities when exploring new work. One of them is close friend and 3-D artist Geoffrey Lillemon, who explores the romanticism of classical art methods in conjunction with the potential of technology. It’s a shifting, mutable, and delicate waltz, but being open to the past and future allows these two to most fully inhabit and create in the present. It is within this rich space that both Lillemon and Van Herpen create their most intriguing work.

Learn more about Geoffrey Lillemon HERE and Iris Van Herpen HERE.

Directed & Produced by Valtteri Laihanen / Filmed by Dennis Swiatkowski / VFX by Geoffrey Lillemon / Edited by Dennis Siwatkowski & Valtteri Laihanen / Music composed by ztrees1 & Erokia / Sound mix by Jussi Sulkumaki

Avant/Garde Diaries