Susanna Kraus & Bazon Brock - Deceleration of Time

Avant/Garde Diaries
Jan 31, 2013 5:32PM

The actress and artist Susanna Kraus manged to bring the world’s largest walk-in camera back to life. The imago 1:1 was developed by her father, a high-speed photography researcher at Daimler-Benz in the 1970s (hard to catch fast rides with slow shutters). But soon the imago’s true worth became known as a portrait camera, able to produce life-sized self portraits. Because of the way it is built, the device is also a mirror, literally forcing one to examine their own persona. This interactive perspective is something which facinates Bazon Brock, a self-proclaimed "thinker on duty" and "artist without artwork.” Brock is a professor of aesthetics, cultural mediation, and art theory. As a representative of the fluxus movement, Brock cares less about the materiality of art than the ideas behind it. In 2011, he opened the Denkerei, or “Thinkery” in Berlin, a place where one can walk in and ask a question. The purpose of such a place is to learn how to handle the principal unsolvability of certain problems, and how that might actually lead to better answers.

Editorial Lead by Romy Uebel / Production, Camera, and Photos by Anna Pilz & Annikki Heinemann / Music by C. Love

Avant/Garde Diaries
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