Yeh Ting-Hao - Future of the Past

Avant/Garde Diaries
Jan 31, 2013 7:15PM

In the subterranean world of Taiwan's multimedia art scene, even Yeh Ting-Hao is a bit of an enigma. He revels in physical and chemical minutiae of the natural world and bases his installation work upon obscure mathematical algorithms. The artist also rarely uses his real name in performances, preferring instead to work behind a variety of pseudonyms. We were extremely fortunate to feature Ting-Hao's work in “The Avant/Garde Diaires Taipei” event, and even more fortunate to have the opportunity to follow him around his hometown of Taipei. His is one of darkened alleyways, late-night electronic hobby shops, and art performances that challenge the uninitiated. Noir, seductively dystopian, and ambivalently under the radar, we invite you into the world of one of the most exciting artists working in Taiwan.


Production by Brady Welch and Markus M Schneider (Metroprojects Beijing) / Camera by Jason Michael Lopez / Editing by Dai Xin / Production Management by Josh Dartz / Music by Yeh Ting-Hao / Sound by Iouxuan Liao / Sound editing by Terry Tu

Avant/Garde Diaries