Transfigurations: Mixed Media by Alison Golder, Collage by Lorraine Klagsbrun

National Association of Women Artists, Inc.
Dec 16, 2013 9:05PM

The National Association of Women Artists Inc., an inclusive women's art organization, presents the winners of the "Open Small Works Exhibition" in the feature exhibition,"Transfigurations: Mixed Media by Alison Golder, Collage by Lorraine Klagsbrun"

 In December 2013, Alison Golder and Lorraine Klagsbrun's serendipitous harmonies will shine at the N.A.W.A. Gallery in this vibrant two-person exhibition. Golder likes to work in encaustic, oil, and three-dimensional constructs, while Klagsbrun's focus is on collage and woodblock printing. 

Alison Golder states that she is fascinated by the consequences of time and nature on surfaces, facades, walls, metals and paints. Consequently, her work shows layering and patterns, both regular and irregular, as well as surface texture. Golder's exclusive focus is on abstract graphic imagery. 

 Lorraine Klagsbrun is equally concerned with pattern and texture. Her small, intimate collages reference domestic interiors and spaces, using figures, architecture, and narrative images. Klagsbrun's abstract works employ torn pages, manipulated colors and text.

"Transfigurations" is the dynamic pairing of two strong and unique visual identities. 

Images courtesy of Susan B. Phillips & Allison Ioli.

                                                                         Posted by: A. Ioli

National Association of Women Artists, Inc.