Our Highlights from The Armory Show 2015

Thomas and Nina Flohr
Feb 26, 2015 5:43AM

Our selection shows a work from each medium: film, sculpture, painting, and photography. Within those respective categories, each chosen piece best represents our taste—this typically being a combination of the fiercely abstract and some photorealism. 

Our Selection (Text written by Nina):

Lucio Fontana, Concetto Spaziale “Natura 1967”, 1967, at Vivian Horan Fine Art

Concetto Spaziale "Natura 1967", 1967
Vivian Horan Fine Art

These sculptures are incredible. I would take them everywhere if I could. So delicate yet so strong. The contrast of the straight slash with the organic shape of the sculpture appealed to me.

Wet Day, 2014
Alan Cristea Gallery

To this day, I still think Hodgkin continues to produce the most beautiful work. I’d like to hang this particular print in my bedroom and fall asleep to it every night.

I thought this was such an unusual piece for Schütte, considering all the colour. It caught my eye immediately. I have always adored his series, as well as his sculptures, of course.

William KentridgeSunlight on a Leaf, 2014, at Lia Rumma

We just saw a wonderful exhibition of Kentridge’s in Johannesburg. I love his oversized tapestries, and I like that this particular work contains a series.

David ClaerboutOil workers (from the Shell company of Nigeria) returning home from work, caught in torrential rain, 2013, at Sean Kelly Gallery

Pieces that comment on contemporary African society are always of interest to us. Claerbout does fantastic video work, and I adore his style.

David Nash, Habitat, 2013, at Alan Cristea Gallery

Habitat, 2013
Alan Cristea Gallery

This is a nice work on paper detailing Nash’s sculpture. Works on paper are sometimes more telling than the final piece.

Marina Abramović, The Kitchen V - Homage to St. Therese, 2009, at Galleri Brandstrup

Abramović is such a powerful artist of our generation, and this image speaks wonderfully to me.

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Thomas and Nina Flohr