My Highlights from the IFPDA Print Fair

Thomas Nozkowski
Nov 2, 2013 6:49PM

My selection:

Martin Lewis, East Side Night, Williamsburg Bridge, 1919, at Allinson Gallery

Last year I left my Lower East Side loft of 46 years and moved to the country. Lewis’ wonderful etchings could serve as a touchstone of my best city memories — and my old building might actually be hidden in the shadows of this print.  

Childe Hassam, The Lion Gardiner House, Easthampton, 1920, at William P. Carl Fine Prints

The layer of dappled light across the surface of this wonderful print could make your heart break with joy. The Lewis print makes me think of where I was and the Hassam about where I am now and why I am here.

Keisai Eisen, Somen Waterfall, Kirifuri Waterfall, and Kegon Waterfall, all circa. 1845, at Egenolf Gallery

It is a truism that all artists look in other people’s art for what they can use in their own work. When I first started painting the way I do today, one of the sources of my imagery was a string of waterfalls in upstate New York. This fantastic group of prints makes me want to do nothing so much as return to that source. I covet these prints.

Katia SantibañezEl silencio de los recuerdos, 2013, at Polígrafa Obra Gráfica

Louise Bourgeois, Crochet II, 1998, at Mixografia

Mixing and matching, making unlikely marriages is part of the fun of a show like this. Wouldn’t Katia Santibañez’ El silencio de los recuerdos be really great hanging next to Louise Bourgeois’ Crochet II?

Bruce Conner, PACIFIC OCTOBER 9, 2002 - JANUARY 16, 2003, 2003, at Senior & Shopmaker

Matt Magee, Grapheme 2, 2013, at Tamarind Institute

And, while we are at it, how about putting Bruce Conner’s trippy PACIFIC OCTOBER 9, 2002 - JANUARY 16, 2003 up against the deadpan Grapheme 2 by Matt Magee — I’d like to see that on my walls.

Joanne Greenbaum at Harlan & Weaver

The group of works by Joanne Greenbaum at Harlan & Weaver is very beautiful indeed and marks her as an artist to watch. The atmospheric color in these prints is very special.

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Thomas Nozkowski