Photography Through the Lens of...

Through the Lens
Apr 2, 2013 10:39PM
SLR, 2012
Mark Moore Gallery

This week, with the opening of the AIPAD Photography Show, New York City directs its focus to the expansive medium. To capture a picture of photography, we turn our lens on the photographers themselves—those who exemplify our favorite genes on Artsy with their iconic styles and techniques. Learn the ways husband-and-wife duo Inez and Vinoodh have pioneered contemporary fashion photography; how Joni Sternbach revives an archaic, hand-developed photographic process; and read a rare interview with Thierry Cohen, shedding light on the practice of the stargazing artist. This is merely a sampling to get you started, and a crash course to accompany our exciting AIPAD Highlights. 

Through the Lens