Heterogeneity by James Perrin

Tinney Contemporary
Jun 5, 2018 8:15PM

"I am thinking of a studio visit I had with Nashville-based artist James Perrin. In conversation regarding relative newness in painting, and the direction of his current practice, he jested, “Hasn’t everything been done before?”And yet, despite the casualness of such a quip, Perrin’s remark vis-à-vis contemporary painting’s ability for novelty is an observation that clarifies the responsiveness of painting to post-digital culture, not its imminent death. It is a fact that painting, as a deeply historic practice, insists on remaining relevant. However, as Perrin’s own work demonstrates, contemporary painting in the post-digital age is unburdened by linear tradition and free to investigate an aggregate of visual and conceptual references—its practitioners are consciously resolved that there can be no substantial newness in painting. This is its strength."  - Audrey Molloy of Nashville Arts Magazine. We recently sat down with artist James Perrin to discuss his new show at Tinney Contemporary. Below you will find an interview with Perrin, as well as a glimpse into his studio and his process.

James in his Studio

James Perrin
Removing the Demon From the Rock
Tinney Contemporary

Working on Chapters

Tinney Contemporary