Cosmic Connections

Aug 28, 2017 9:07PM

“Cosmic Connections” is a concept I have had at heart for a long time; it was with me before I opened the gallery and it has served as a pole star, guiding me. I see it as a sort of manifesto for the ideas and messages I wish to channel through my various endeavors. In contrast to a world dominated by information and by an ever-growing reliance on social media for our interactions, this show is about re-empowering intuition and honoring the human and cosmic threads that link like-minded creative souls.

The walls of the gallery are finite though the list of artists included in this show could have gone on. It has been important to me to juxtapose their works in this book with the words of writers, philosophers, thinkers, poets, musicians, actors and directors who come from a place I recognize. Although their practices or disciplines can appear quite disparate, these artists seem like they could be part of the same tribe, hence my motivation to bring them together in this informal context, like a casual non-seated dinner. They all share an absolute sense of mission in communicating their message, which streams from an uncompromising sense of authenticity. The meaning of their art remains elusive, fluctuating and ultimately mysterious. The final result of having them side by side is still unknown to me; I can only try to imagine the energy that will emanate from this alchemical test and I am quite curious to look at the assembled constellation they will form.

This group originated from a series of “encounters” with each artist through their various works. They all triggered a reaction that brought a sense of familiarity and became a key to a door within, which had not yet been opened. They were like unmediated clues, unhindered by intellectualized concerns, only guided by instinct and atavism. By diving a little further into each artist’s life, and sometimes getting to know them personally, it became clearer why they had made an impact on me in the first place. Each discovery became a piece in the giant puzzle of a personal quest.

If we see art as a cultural-spiritual event, we might come to realize that its revelations can become road signs on the invisible path towards a better understanding of our archetypes and the meaning of our journeys. By trying to explain, and document such events extensively, we strip them of their power and suspend the magic. They are meant for each one of us as secret messages from an inexplicable realm. The only way to share them or transmit this silent dialogue is through our actions, our energy; in how we can touch others by planting the seeds, which may lead them to their own findings. A painting, a poem, a song can lead to bliss, no need to explain why, no need to find a reason to support that reaction; language is the demystification of that experience. By letting go of the grip the mind has on us we can reignite our intuition and allow for a cosmic flux to run through us abruptly yet irregularly like an abundant summer rain storm. Honoring these exchanges lies in surrendering to the rhythm of the symphony between internal and external waves.

Alchemy has captured the human imagination across centuries. Those intrigued by it have found satisfaction in devoting themselves to attempting to solve the riddle posed by the physical, intellectual, and spiritual transformation associated with it. Although the quest never seems to have an end point, we can observe that when we interact with kindred spirits, a reaction occurs, an osmosis, which intensifies and accelerates the magic and synchronicities along our respective paths. We may interpret it as an encouragement from the Universe telling us we are moving in the right direction. In the land of creativity, the right alchemy can lead to unprecedented results. Suddenly the impossible becomes the only possible objective, at which point our mission becomes clearer; this is when we are in the flow and everything starts falling into place like an epic tale.

- David Totah