Muntadas: Asian Protocols

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Sep 12, 2014 7:59AM

Muntadas: Asian Protocols

General Information

Date: Aug 25-Oct 19, 2014 (Monday closed)
Invitation Date: Mon., Aug. 25th 17:00
Curator: Nathalie Boseul SHIN, Hans D. Christ & Iris Dressler.
Assistant and coordinator : Hyosup Jung, Daechan Huh, Andrea Nacach, Jeongsun Yang
Korea: In-souk Cho, Jeehyun Kang, Joo Yun Lee, Space Research Group (Sunghiin Oh, Hoontae Park, Hanbyul Shim)
China: Chen Huirong, reMIX STUDIO(Nicola Saladino), Christina Sanahuja, Song Wei, Chen Yehua
Japan: Haruka Horiuchi

Total Museum of Contemporary ArtPyungchang 32gil8 Jongno-gu, SeoulT. 82-(0)

Total Museum presents a major exhibition by internationally recognized artist Antoni Muntadas, one of the early pioneers of conceptual and media art. 

In this project, he highlights on similarities, differences and conflicts between Korea(The Republic of Korea), China(The People’s Republic of China)and Japan through massive research images.

The exhibition is comprised of 5 parts; 

(1) Blackboard Dialog: Redefining Asian Protocols

(2) 3 video projections of On Translation: Go Round(China), On Translation: On View(Japan), On Translation: On Listening(Korea)

On Translation, a series of work begun in Helsinki in 1995, groups a set of thirty works reflecting on the concept of translation and interpretation from a perspective that encompasses cultural, linguistic, political and economic issues produced and presented in different contexts and mediums.

(3) Public/Private spaces [Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo]

(4) Asian Protocols: Cartographies which is arranged and re-organized based on more than 43 key words as diplomacy, censorship, order, time table, sports, scotch, etc. 

(5) Asian Protocols: Fragments and On Translation: Pille

Muntadas established an iconic relationship as the westerner and outsider. It will show subjective portrait of Asia, especially about South Korea, China and Japan. 

* Antoni Muntadas was born in Barcelona, came to art through painting. Since 1971 he has lived and worked in New York. Muntadas was a Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Visual Art at the MIT program in Art, Culture and Technology and Professor of ACT/ MIT 1977-2014. Through the internationally well-known early internet project The File Room(1994), long-term project series On Translation(1995- ) and on-going project Protocols, he has addressed social, political, communications such as the relationship between and public and private spaces by video, installation, photography, publication and intervention. His work has been exhibition in numerous museums, including the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (Madrid), MoMa (New York), Jeu de Paume(Paris). His works also included international events such as VI and X editions of Documenta Kassel (1977, 1997), Whitney Biennial (1991), the 51st Venice Biennale(2005) Gwangju Biennial (2004) and Taipei Biennial (2002).  He also has received numerous awards and grants. In 2009, He awarded the 2009 Velázquez. Prize granted by the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

** Total Museum of Contemporary Art received by Arts Council Korea, Spanish Embassy in Korea.

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