My Highlights from PINTA New York

Tracey Riese
Nov 7, 2013 8:01PM

I’m interested in work that combines a strong visual impact with interesting, important ideas. We’re looking for brains AND beauty.

Rather than selecting individual works, I chose the representative bodies of work from each artist. While collectors must choose among pieces, I believe any individual work is only fully meaningful in the context of the artist’s larger output.

The Magarinos, Marzianis and Costigliolos are a single selection. They are beautiful, even elegant examples of a type of abstraction coming from Latin America during the ’50s and early ’60s that deserve wider attention.

My selection:

Ignacio Bahna, Combustion Fossil II, 2013, at Artespacio

Mauro Giaconi , The Film, 2013, at Dot Fiftyone Gallery

Donna Conlon/Jonathan Harker, Domino Effect, 2013, at Diablo Rosso

Carlos Rolon (Dzine), Untitled (Black Mirror Crest), 2013, at Salon 94

Graciela Sacco, Cuerpo a Cuerpo, 2001, at Pan American Art Projects

Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia at CB1 Gallery

Ricardo Alcaide at Baró Galeria

Victor Magarinos D at Sammer Gallery LLC

Hugo Marziani at Sammer Gallery LLC

Jose Pedro Costigliolo at Sammer Gallery LLC

Artists to watch in 2014:

The artists represented in El Museo del Barrio’s biennial are always interesting and worth watching.

My number one tip for collectors:

Look at everything... a lot. It hones your eye and mind and helps you understand how a given artist relates to history, as well as to her own time and place. And look at an artist’s whole body of work, not just a single product. You want to know how a particular piece fits into the artist’s larger concerns over time.

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Tracey Riese